The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest - Joel Martinsen, Cixin Liu I listened to this one with my partner. When the story is really good, we stop finding excuses to watch TV and we listen to a book. For us and this book we found ourselves watching TV more often than we found ourselves listening to it. I didn't see this book as the great book most of my fellow audible reviewers obviously feel it was.

I really enjoyed the first book in the series. The author's love for science and philosophy of science made the book a winner for me. Within this book and the first book, I get a real peek into Chinese culture (how the Chinese think about religion and Christianity is interesting).

For me, this book tries to pull off an epic story and I lost interest in the characters and I really didn't seem to care if the earth is destroyed or not. The book is 22 plus hours long, and I need at least interesting characters or science or something to keep me interested.

I don't dislike this book and found enough in it to listen to the end, but it took us months to finish because it just didn't grab us like good science fiction should. I'm in the minority on this book, so feel free to ignore my opinion.