WWW: Wonder

WWW: Wonder - Robert J. Sawyer The series definitely makes the listener think. The author has the protagonist's math Professor named Heidegger for a reason. I had no problem with how the author steps through the creation of the self-aware entity into its understanding of its being about being, and is engagement in the world as an other. Heidegger (the real philosopher) if anything is nothing but a refutation of Descartes and his 'cogito ergo sum'. I'm not bothered at all by the author taking two entirely different approaches to the question of our own existence and self awareness (Heidegger v Descartes). This little novel provokes as a good science fiction should always.

I particularly enjoyed Caitlin's father, Malcolm. The author presents the character in a realistic fashion as someone who is on the Asperger Spectrum. It was a clever way to use him as a reflection to how some humans as well as an AI might see the world differently than neuro-typicals do.

The author gives voice to atheist and pretty much just assumes a progressive political world view. There was one theme that the author really pressed throughout the book, and that is you don't have to become like your enemy in order to defeat your enemy (either when fighting a bully or when fighting those who want to destroy you because your different).