Wake  - Robert J. Sawyer The author is very good at mixing scientific concepts with a fairly decent story about a young girl who regains her sight with an aid of an 'Eyepad' and how this starts to affect the ghost within the internet and awakens him to consciousness.

I like that the author is always educating the reader with science, information theory or stories about Helen Keller and relating that to the story at hand. The story has enough science for me to be fully interested and at the same time gives enough of the drama so that my wife enjoys it. A good story to listen to with some one else.

Come on Audible, for a trilogy like this one, why don't you give all three books in the series for the price of one. I'll buy and listen to the other two stories as it is, but you guys really should reduce the price since the price for the paperback new are no longer premium prices. For me, I love stories about AI and can't resist this story and will pay full premium prices to listen to the rest of this story.