Philosophy of Science (Science & Mathematics) (Philosophy & Intellectual History)

Philosophy of Science (Science & Mathematics) (Philosophy & Intellectual History) - Jeffrey L. Kasser I'm not going to lie, this lecture series was at times complex and would lose me, but it never lost my interest and that's why I stuck through until the end. It's hard to explain how such an esoteric subject such as the meaning of what science is could change how I view the world. From time to time, men who I really admire speak of how pointless philosophy is. They should first listen to and try to understand a lecture like this one, before making such a statement and they would see how silly their statements really are.

For my money a good Great Course lecture from audible for one credit is one of the best deals going. I would recommend "Science Wars"before this lecture, it's easier to follow and covers the same kind of subjects.

Any lecture series that can change how you perceive the world is a winner. This lecture is a winner.