Origins of Life (The Great Courses)

Origins of Life (The Great Courses) - Robert M. Hazen This is one of the best Great Courses I've listened to. Most of the time a Great Course listens like it's a series of disjointed half hour lectures only loosely tied together with a common subject but without an overriding narrative. This lecture does not, it listens as if it's a well written book with a narrative tying. I never grow tired of listening to origin of life books, but they usually suffer by explaining too much of the detail and therefore end up losing me in the minutia of the arcane processes, but this lecture does not. He gave just enough of the detail to not overwhelm, but enough to make me feel like I understood the big picture.

I did not realize how Stanley Miller (of the Miller and Urey experiments) let his ego get so involved in creation theories and did everything he possibly good to stop any other explanations for early life explanations. Reminds me of working with really smart people who always wanted to protect their own turf at the expense of finding other possible solutions. I don't miss work at all!

This lecture and the book "Creation: How Science is Reinventing Life Itself" are two of the most accessible surveys that I know of for the origins of the first life on earth. I've tried many others and have probably enjoyed these the best.