Historical Atlas of the World

Historical Atlas of the World - Rand McNally I enjoy listening to history books, I get the full experience while listening except for not seeing the maps and knowing where the location of some ancient places are today. I wanted an easier solution than having to look thinks up on Google and purchased this moderately priced atlas. I'm glad I did. I actually ended up "reading it" cover to cover the first day it arrived.

So, now I know where Friesland was in 1648 (after the treaty of Westphalia, and btw, now I know where Westphalia is). The atlas is not only limited to political maps of the time period, but they have a map of language groups and list where Frisian (the closest living language to English and probably where English came from) is spoken today. They chart the movement of groups of people (Visigoths, Lombards, and so on).

The atlas is pretty complete. I have no idea why some of the comments at Amazon complain on and on about how the Byzantine Empire is not included. It is and is at the historical epochs you would want it to be at except I do wish there was a map for 650 AD, but that's only a small omission in this fun and cheap to read atlas.