Biology: The Science of Life

Biology: The Science of Life - Stephen Nowicki Jr. This is one of the most complicated course I have ever listened to. Science is hard and biology in particular is jargon full.

This course takes most of the metaphor out of the subject and looked at the methodology, processes, and relationships inherent within the Biological Sciences. There's no end to the interesting things one can learn from this course. DNA to RNA back to DNA (both meiosis and mitosis processes) seems like an impossibility, but is real and this lecture series will tell you why (in excruciating) detail. Life on earth is characterized by getting energy from ATP (and sometimes, AGP) and this lecture series will go through all the steps and the exchange of electron across barriers and such. I think this lecture is from 1999 and some genomic stuff is not talked about fully if the series was done today.

This is lecture is much better than a college course. I don't have to take a test, and I didn't have to memorize hundreds of words which are alien to me. A biology major would profit from listening to this course.

Under no circumstance get this lecture from The Great Courses, get it from audible or used from Amazon. I have no idea why The Great Courses charge such large amounts for these great lectures. Why can't they just charge us a flat monthly fee and make their courses available through Roku so I can watch it on my TV?

This is the review for the 72 half hour course offered by "The Great Courses".