Replay - Ken Grimwood I seldom read fiction, but I'm glad I read this one.

My favorite blog, Auxiliary Memory, recommended this book. The blog started off guessing what he would tell his 13 year old self if he got to go back in time. One of the things he recommended is that he would have given himself a copy of this book. That makes since. By the way, the blogs post on "how audible changed my life" is spot on and worth a read from any dedicated audible listener.

As for me, I would only have told my younger self to floss my teeth daily.

Any fiction book that makes you understand our place in the universe a little bit better seems like a good book to me, and this book does just that. Who are our real friends, what actions could we change to effect the future and what would those unintended consequences be, this book adds insights to those kind of questions.

I'm on the hunt for more good fiction books, but until then, I'll just keep reading my non-fiction stuff instead. I'll keep my eye open for other good fiction recommendations from Auxiliary Memory.