An Introduction To Evolutionary Ethics

An Introduction To Evolutionary Ethics - Scott M. James I didn't really like the first half of the book. It mostly covered evolutionary psychology topics from other books I already listened to such as Dawkins, Wilson, Pinker and de Waal. I didn't mind the authors take on the topic, but it was just mostly review for me.

The book came alive in the second half. The author jumped into some serious Philosophy discussion such as Hume's law coupled with the natural fallacy. They would say, the natural doesn't intersect with the moral (is doesn't give ought). But the author makes some good points about how evolution can bridge the two gap between the two. I didn't pretend to understand everything the author said, but it did open my eyes (ears, since I listened) to the possibility. The book talks a lot about something called the evolutionary anti-realist position. I didn't fully understand it while listening to it. I looked it up on google and now I know why I didn't understand it while listening. It's pretty complicated stuff for the non-philosopher student like me to fully understand.

A non-philosopher student like me can follow the narrative and get useful stuff from the book. I do recommend the book, but note it can be a tough read. It will probably whet your appetite for the next book that comes out on audbile on this same topic.