Creation: How Science Is Reinventing Life Itself

Creation: How Science Is Reinventing Life Itself - Adam Rutherford Most books on this incredibly interesting topic are too difficult to follow fully or too facile to add to my knowledge base. The author nicely hits the sweet spot between the two extremes.

Most of the recently issued popular science books I listened to on audible, I end up thinking I've already listened to the topic better presented in another book, not this time. The author is very good at laying out the narrative and taking my knowledge base one step further toward understanding our place in the universe by covering the topic in such clear terms but never talking down to the listener.

The first part of the book covers what is life and how can it arrive through natural processes. He discusses the three great biological theories from the 19th century, Cell, Evolution and DNA Theory. The second part delves into what does the future hold for further research in these fields.

Not much to not rave about in this short and highly listenable book. The writer is very good (I only wish he wrote a longer book), and the narrator, Walter Dixon, feels like an old friend since I've listened to and liked many of his other books.

Even if you are like me and have read many of the other fine books available on audible on this topic, I would still recommend this fine short book.