Thrice Upon a Time

Thrice Upon a Time - James P. Hogan There are two kinds of time travel works of fiction. The one were the time travel just happens and the other one were the author takes you through every step of the science and the possible paradoxes involved. This book is of the later category. The author really understands physics and logic and knows how to present them in an interesting fashion.

This is not really a fiction story in as much as the author doesn't create the drama through the developing of characters and situations but he builds the story by describing all the steps (at least from a 30000 foot view) necessary in thinking about time travel from the physics and logical implications perspective.

Another really interesting twist from this novel is it was written in 1980 but takes place around our current time period. The author knows physics, logic and tells a fun story which will make you learn something you didn't already know, and does not suffer what so ever because it's 30 years old. After having read this book, you will be able to defend a possibly logically consistent framework for time travel.

P.S. I had read this 30 years ago when it first came out and I had remembered absolutely loving it. I realize now why. It deals with the science and logic much more than the characterization and drama than most fiction does. The book lays out a logically consistent approach through a many world interruption of quantum physics before it became fashionable. The book was really ahead of it's time and I'm really glad Audible has made this book available.