Childhood's End

Childhood's End - Arthur C. Clarke The zeitgeist of the 50s wonderfully comes through in this splendid novel, man is our own worst enemy and we need a higher power to safe ourselves from nuclear annihilation.

There are a couple of wonderful things about this book. You can read many different interpretations into this book. One possible reading is that we create our own god(s) and the universe becomes self aware through us (I like Ray Kurzweil books!), or you can read something else into what the story means. It's up to the listener.

Overall, the book is a really intelligent look at what 1950s thinking thought we would become. I'm amazed in a lot of ways we have progressed even more than what was predicted by such an intelligent thinker as Arthur C Clark.

The book is not dated whatsoever (what a compliment to the author). It's narrated splendidly.