Ideas That Changed the World

Ideas That Changed the World - Felipe Fernández-Armesto TMS Ideas that Shaped Mankind - A concise history

Almost any listener who is interested in Big History from the beginning of man to today will enjoy this set of lectures. It's well worth one credit at Audible, and the listener will learn something he didn't already know. The lecturer's voice is as obnoxious as his attitude is arrogant. It all makes for a better listening experience and makes the listener think they too can become a Mr. Know-it-all. Yes, I did like the lectures and he ties his themes together wonderfully in a narrative, but I warn the faint of heart listener to the lecturer's tone and attitude. He does say obnoxious things like "If I had wanted to learn simple things that were just objective facts, I would have learned physics instead of philosophy and intellectual development", but he also will teach you things you probably didn't already know and make you understand why it's important.
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