The Third Reich at War

The Third Reich at War - Richard J. Evans I would strongly recommended "The Second World War" by Anthony Beevor over this book. I don't mean to say that I didn't like this book, I did, but he takes too much of the emotion out of the time period and doesn't always know how to tell a good story. I do appreciate that he purposely only talks about the war itself as a background story (I hate learning the minutiae of war itself and Beevor did linger on strategy and counter tactics but Beevor knew how to tell a much better story).

Every time I hear an American Politician compare something to the Nazis I just cringe. Whether it is Huckabee (who the hell is he? and why is he running for president?) comparing President Obama's treaty with Iran to sending the "jews to the death camps" or it's Ben Carson (Ben who?) saying that abortion and Planned Parenthood and it's 50 million "abortion murders" is worse than the death camps. I sincerely wish those idiots would read a book like this and then they would understand why their comparisons are full of shit.

Donald Trump is a fool. Trump has made the Mexican (or as he says 'illegals' and 'anchor babies') the scapegoat for most of America's problems just as Hitler blamed the Jews for all of Germany's problems. Both blame our problems on 'the others' and say we need a strong leader like him to be great again (blah! blah! blah!). One of the things this book brought out is that later on when the war was going badly for the Germans they claimed they never expected Hitler to do the things he said he would. I've already see apologist for Trump saying he really doesn't mean the things he says he'll do. Hitler convinced Germany that they needed an authoritarian for the country to look up to and only one person was strong enough to speak to truth to power. Trump claims similar things. Also, I suspect that Trump is a fascist under the strict definition of the word: where the state and industry work closely together.

I did like this author enough such that I plan to read his first two Volumes in this series, but as for this third Volume go with Beevor instead.