Inherit the Stars

Inherit the Stars - James P. Hogan The author represents what is best about science fiction. I've let the world pass me by and I really don't seem to care. Hogan knows how to write science fiction the way it was meant to be and which no longer seems to be.

There's very little character development as such but there are characters and their thoughts about the world are what matters most of all. One of the values of science (and even a value we all have within us) are that the facts we have about the world within a domain of interest of a problem needs a best explanation in order to explain them, and often, there can be more than one explanation that can be equally understood. As for this story there are anomalous facts about 'alien' life forms on the moon which start to challenge our understanding of us as human beings. What could be more intriguing?

My wife and I listened to this one together and I'm glad. Books like these not only offer entertainment with a somewhat exciting story but at the same time load the listener up with the proper way to understand science in general and evolution in particular.

I just really like James P Hogan and this period of scifi writing which ends up being better than 90% of the junk that is published today (Sturgeon's Law applied to books in general and scifi in particular). I'm an anachronism and I seem to value the older scifi books more than the stuff I come across today. Don't even get me started on today's movies, but if you want to talk about movies before 1945 than we can have a pleasant multi-day conversation!

At this point in my review I'll usually comment how Audible should offer this kind of series at a discount. Not anymore, because ebay sells audible credits for two bucks each and at that price I don't really care. These books are 30 years old and my used book store would offer them for a quarter, but I prefer audio and I'll get my credits from ebay from now on.