Not Alone

Not Alone - Craig A. Falconer I really like Dan (the main protagonist). He works in a bookstore, loves sci fi, reads a lot, and always does what he thinks is the right thing. A kind of person any sci fi enthusiast could admire. But, he's a regular guy and doesn't really know how to move about in the real world (unfortunately, the kind of person many sci fi enthusiast are also like!) and needs his brother and a PR specialist who see him for the special person he really is. All sci fi nerds who believe "the truth is out there" are going to identify with the main character and will see that there is a reward that await them for worshiping at the shrine of sci fi and science.

I listened to this one with my wife (much more entertaining then watching politics, sports or most TV shows for the both of us). A good story such as this one illustrates perfectly how the number of facts that which we become aware of there will always be more than one set of theories that can adequately explain the data. Absolute certainty is always fallible in the hands of a master story teller and with a narrator who makes the story come alive with images that seem more real than TV, I can fully recommend this audible book.

(I'm straying close to a spoiler, but within the story, the author is very explicit that there awaits a reward for the sci fi nerd. I'm being cryptic, but for those who read the story that is made explicit and that was a take away for me from the story).