Great Minds Of The Western Intellectual Tradition

Great Minds Of The Western Intellectual Tradition - Dennis Dalton, Darren Staloff, Phillip Cary, Louis Markos, Darren M. Staloff This is by far the best of the Great Course series available that I have listened to. They cover everything. Smartly they have multiple lecturers give different lectures that way no one person's prejudices gets in the way of the story being told. All of the different lectures seamlessly tie in to the next proceeding lecture. The story does tie together. I don't want to spoil ending, but boy as humankind advanced!

I was on the edge of my seat during each lecture, but when they got to the enlightenment period and later I found each lecture impossible to not think about after the lecture. Nietzsche pops in multiple places including a couple of lectures dedicated to just to him. I didn't realize that he was as consistent and coherent in his philosophy as he was. Now, I know that he was arguing that we see the world from our perspective and each of us have our own perspective and so on. Marx is more interesting than I ever thought possible. Freud has a place even today. I know that if someone values only consistency and coherence they probably would be of the school of pragmatism of William James.

The list of things I learned from this set goes. I know why the logical positivist were flawed and how Popper changed the way we see Science, and how Kuhn can be criticized for giving just as much validity to Copernicus as he would to Galileo, and so on. This is the lecture series that just keeps giving. Thank you Great Courses!

All of the different ways of seeing the universe and why it is important seemed to have been presented in this series, and I understand them!

From time to time, I check out the Great Courses Series at their website and they want more than $500 for the lectures, and it would be worth it! But, now audible has this for one credit, about $10. Get this one if you have any interest in intellectual thought. (If you have had trouble following philosophy like I have had, I would recommend first reading (or listening to), "The Cave and the Light", before listening to this series.