A Little Life: A Novel

A Little Life: A Novel - Hanya Yanagihara Given no choice is not a choice. Our authentic selves maybe can never be found. No matter how we got the way we became "the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return". What gives us our purpose and meaning especially when so often who we are becoming is out of our control. Extreme things happened to the main character (Jude) but within most of us the choices we have are not always our own and can be a result of where we came from when we had little control.

Yes, there are uncomfortable moments within the book, but the author has a lot she wants to share with the reader and the narrator evokes the emotions within the story in such a way that it will be the rare listener who doesn't succumb to the pathos within the story, and they will realize just a little bit more about who they are and why they exist.

(BTW, the author really understood mathematics at more than a superficial level and knew how to give great insights into the nature of math and how it applies to life).