The Joy Of Science

The Joy Of Science - Robert M. Hazen A very good guide to science. It's obvious that this lecture series acted as a template for his book, "Science Matters" (which I have read and liked very much). The lecture is better than his book because it was easier to follow since each lecture is only 30 minutes long and is usually complete within itself, and he just seemed to explain things better in the lecture than the he did in the book.

The lectures cover all of the sciences with special emphasis on geology and minerals when appropriate. He's the only lecturer that I know of who can make the boring science of minerals interesting.

The lectures are old (2001), but they still work today. It's nice to see that before Republicans (Tom Delay in this case) were denying the reality of Man Made Climate Change they were first denying the reality of CFCs causing the Ozone hole, "plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose".

It took me awhile to listen to the whole series. It's hard to listen to more than one lecture per day from the same lecturer, but they make a most excellent accompaniment to the daily elliptical regime. As for me, I listened to three different sets of lectures from the Great Courses on a rotating basis, a Biology, an Astronomy, and this one. The three lectures complemented each other and I would recommend the same for any listener of this lecture.

This lectures are the best value I know of. They go for only one credit at Audible and by the time you've listened to one, you're hooked and want more, more more! There's not enough hours in the day to learn all the things I need to learn!