Being and Time Division II

Being and Time Division II - Hubert Dreyfus This is the Hubert Dreyfus course on Division II of "Being and Time". I suspect there is no greater authority on B&T than Dreyfus. For those who don't know, Division II refers to the second half of the book, the Temporal part. The author, Heidegger, wrote it in response to the chairmen of the committee he presented Division I to who said that the "Being" part was not adequate by itself.

So, with that as a preamble, Professor Dreyfus does wander through out this lecture, not because he doesn't understand the sections, more because he does and realizes how inadequate and inconsistent it can be at times.

The one thing I did like about the course is that even in the meandering lectures I would end up getting more insights about Division I.

With all that said, this course is only for the die hard "Being and Time" fan, and I would recommend it only for those who really, really, like "Being and Time".