ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror

ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror - Michael Weiss, Lois Hassan I got this book from one of Audibles 2 for 1 sales. The book is worth it at half price, but does suffer greatly from a fault of telling the story through mostly the eyes of a journalist ("some say the earth is center of the solar system while others such a Galileo argue from a different perspective"). Sometimes, a historical viewpoint is needed for the historicity, and a political science viewpoint is needed for current context. I just didn't seem to get at the heart of what is really happening with ISIS and more importantly the why from this book.

Newspapers are great. I subscribed to three of them (WSJ, NYT, and my local paper). They have a flaw. They look at the quotidian (day-to-day) and don't always give the reader the proper historical context or the current relevance. This book was clearly written by a journalist and doesn't provide enough of the why and where from the things are happening and reports the story mostly likely a journalist would and covers mostly the what that has recently happened by interviewing the sources who seem to reinforce his preferred narrative.

(BTW, the book is probably dated today because so much has transpired within the last year or so since the book was published).