Great Minds of the Medieval World

Great Minds of the Medieval World - Dorsey Armstrong The lecturer is more of an expert in literature than philosophy so that makes for a better presentation when it comes to the thought of the great thinkers since she can explain the difficult concepts so that even I could understand them.

I really appreciate the fact that she included women, Muslims, and Jews equally in her presentation. As for me, I never can get enough of Maimonides, Averroes, or Avicena (and my wife watched the segment on Hildegard of Bingen, and loved it). I'm always impressed by great thinkers and I'm going to design a t-shirt and put Avicena on the front, and a man dangling isolated on the back and one more image to indicate the sum of all Dasein in the universe as the totality of all consciousness (each individual sums to the Universe, God, very Leibnizian). I'm going to have a special pleasure in wearing that shirt that honors our great Muslim thinkers (just because I might live in a country who's leader wants to ban all Muslims doesn't mean I have to not honor thinkers for their extraordinary thinking!!!!). I had no idea that Averroes pre-stole so much from Hegel. I was reading Hegel's Logic when I heard that lecture and realized the obvious overlap in their thinking. Neat!

Just what I needed another topic where I had little familiarity with and now I won't be satisfied until I learn much more in this incredible interesting area of thought. I love thought (more than things) and the thought from this period is almost always entwined with religious mumbo jumbo, but that's okay because in the end it's not what they believe with no evidence (faith), but how they reach their conclusions that motivate me.