Theological-Political Treatise

Theological-Political Treatise - Baruch Spinoza, Seymour Feldman, Samuel Shirley As tedious as watching re-runs of "Seinfield". I really enjoyed the author's "Ethics". This book was painful because he's constantly quoting 'scripture' both new and old testament. He painfully lays the biblical foundation that he uses in his "Ethics". Nicest thing I can say for this book is that it's no worse than most Liberal Theological books available today would be.

I enjoy Star Trek. I'm not going to argue the truth and the wisdom of the Prime Directive by selectively quoting from different episodes and claiming each story was written by different authors and all inspired by Gene Rodenberry (may his grace forever shine on the Federation of Planets and His prophet James T Kirk be forever in your heart). Anyway you cut it transporters, planets where everyone conveniently speaks English, Apollo lives, and other such things don't exist, and I really don't care to pretend they do. The bible has talking snakes, zebras getting their stripes, zombies roaming through out all of Jerusalem, rods turning into snakes and so on. Don't waste my time in arguing if Star Dates make sense or not (they don't), and what Jesus said or didn't say to who and he didn't say it to is just as irrelevant to me.

Don't waste your time on this one.