Ecclesiastes, or The Preacher

Ecclesiastes, or The Preacher - Anonymous, Doris Lessing This one book of the bible proves that the bible is not full of junk only. This book is good philosophy. I suspect that the last chapter of it was an add on over time because it doesn't flow with the rest of the book. I listened to this book from my "Word of Promise Complete Audio Bible" available from Audible for one credit well worth the price.

I would call this book an Epicurean master piece. Stoics tend to believe that the world from the beginning has evil (vice) and goodness (virtue) baked in to it, while Epicurean's believe that evil and goodness are only possible because of humans or as quoted by the preacher in "The Grapes of Wrath", "there ain't no virtue and there ain't no sin, there's just people doing things". This book, "Ecclesiastes", definitely has that theme running through out it.

"The race doesn't always go to the swift, but time and chance will often decide". What an incredibly wise, non Donald Trump like statement to make. Trump would always blame the person for all the ills that befall on him and even heartlessly mock people who are disable. Time and chance matter.

The bible is not a complete waste of time as long as it has this book in it.

Trumpus delinda est.