The Accidental Tourist

The Accidental Tourist - Anne Tyler, George Guidall This is the only fictional book I have ever listened to more than once. I have the version narrated by George Guidall in 1985 in my Audible library, but unfortunately, Audible no longer offers that version. I would strongly recommend finding the Guidall narrated version on ebay or Abe books instead of the newer version. Nobody narrates a book better than Guidall.

Macon Leary, the protagonist of the story, writes travel guides for business people who prefer not to be affected by their travel. As his seat mate on one flight says "going with the Accidental Tourist is like staying in a capsule and never having to leave the coccoon" that's clearly how Macon perceived life until he met Muriel Pritchard his opposite. Macon's whole life has been led in such a way so he will be least affected by his surroundings. He needs order in his life, he experiences emotions but has an inability to identify or describe them, needs his daily routines and thrives on repetition of the quotidian most of all, distractions and too much stimulation bother him, and when he focuses he excludes the world around him.

Most of all Macon needed his logic and rational mind to cope with the world, but finds growth through meeting up with the passionate and intuitive person Muriel. Sometimes, as Macon finds with Muriel, there is more to life than logical truths and consistencies.