Feminism and the Future of Women

Feminism and the Future of Women - Estelle B. Freedman This was the perfect lecture to listen while walking my dog. I didn't have to fully concentrate on the lecture and I ended following most of the lecture. She makes a major flaw by explaining everything within her own CWS (closed world system), a term I get from Charles Taylor and the "Secular Age". Arguments can be more effective if the author steps out of their CWS. Freudian psychology (psychoanalysis) kept rhetorically winning until other psychologist finally stepped out of that paradigm and started improving psychology and making it a real science. I give that Freudian example because in the lecture, the lecturer makes the statement that "anorexia and bulimia are prevalent among young women because they find no control over their own body in society and so control their body by food". What a load of Freudian bull crap.

I was listening intently to her parts on pay comparability between the sexes. What was stated in her lecture was not enough to demonstrate her conclusions. Perhaps, she was watering down the mathematics because the lecture was given to such a general audience.

I get incredibly irritated at people who suggest (or the lecturer implies obliquely) that women running for office is always a good thing. Now, she gives this lecture before John McCain had shown a complete lack of respect for our country by picking Sarah Palin as his running mate, but could any sane human every justify voting for Sarah Palin (a self proclaimed "I am a feminist" candidate, by the way) one of the most bizarre candidates well since Donald Trump!

Also, she implies that it's the social constricts that determine most of the gender differences. That's my segue for recommending "The Blank Slate" by Pinker. He tears apart that argument piece by piece.

Overall, don't get me wrong. This lecture is very good in many places and she has a gift at the rhetorical flourish.