Cryptonomicon - Neal Stephenson The author explains the math, the context, and the reality of breaking encryption schema and concentrates on the breaking of the Enigma code with its various players and the moving parts of WW II and relates that to a modern plan for finding a secret cache of gold in the Philippines.

The author even foreshadows the coming of digital currency. Overall, I would say the book is long, and live is short and one might be better served by listening to "Seizing the Enigma", by David Kahn and "The Second World War" by Anthony Beevor both books looks at the topics mentioned in this fictional book but does it in the guise of reality. Fiction can confuse me and this author's jumping between time periods led to my mind wandering. Non-fiction always stays on point (for me), but my wife much prefers fiction and this was a way for her to learn a lot about things she knows very little about.