WWW: Watch

WWW: Watch - Robert J. Sawyer The author states in the forward that he thinks of this book has his best book ever. It's clearly the best book of the three in the series.

I loved the meta reference to the narrator of this Audible book, Mark Vietor, being the perfect voice for which the self-aware entity, WebMind, chooses to speak as when he presents himself to the world. Very funny, and a nice compliment to one of the narrators of the book.

The author has a lot of different things he wants to teach the listener and uses this book to flush out those topics. The nature of consciousness, how Darwin's Dangerous Idea permeates everything we know and understand, emerging properties arise from complex systems that originate from incredibly simple procedures, and so on.

I appreciate these books because my wife and I listened to them on a long car ride and I really don't like fiction, and my wife really doesn't like non-fiction and these are definitely a compromise between the two. She gets to learn about the world in the guise of fiction and I get to learn empathetically through the experiences of others while delving into the nature of being about being (Dasein) and how the other must first experience presense in the world in order to realize existence.