The Great Ideas of Philosophy

The Great Ideas of Philosophy - Daniel N. Robinson Listening to these lectures on great ideas was a treat. Each lecture set my imagination on fire. Even the lectures on pre-Socratic thought held my interest. The bottom line is even with their insistence on keeping us in the cave with only being aware of the shadows that surround us led us to getting out of the cave. They realize that "man is the measure of all things" and appealed to reason instead of theology which ultimately leads us to Aristotle. Of all the people who ever lived, the best case for alien interference would be Aristotle and his methodologies (Robinson gives that statement in this lecture and I loved it so much that I have made it my own).

He basically ended the great idea lectures with Alan Turing and the breaking of the code. I just didn't agree with a lot he had to say about Turing and his universal machines and as for breaking the code I would strongly recommend the book "Seizing the Enigma". Things are always more nuanced then a half hour lecture can explain. As for John Searle and the Chinese Room, I think that is a laughable thought experiment and would recommend Dennett and many of his books including "Intuition Pumps" or his book on Consciousness which dismantles the main conclusions that Searle arrives at.

My only real complaint with this lecture series is I didn't find it coherent as a whole. The pieces seemed mostly independent and a better series would have given a central narrative, but overall I liked the lectures and will probably listen to them again in the future.

There's no reason not to listen to this series and I noticed that is available for free in a thread on Goodreads,

The price is right (free) and it will entertain.