The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason

The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason - Sam Harris The narrative suffers from bias. There are much stronger compelling ways of showing the follies of faith instead of reason based on science then was presented in this book. Robert Wright's book, "The Evolution of God" covers the same kind of material that's in the first half of Harris' book, but he puts the topics in their proper context and makes a much more compelling argument (and doesn't weirdly fixate on Islam as this author does).

The book's first half seemed to be pre-occupied with Islam and their inconsistencies. The author would have made a better narrative if he didn't focus as strongly on just one religion. The book came out in 2007 (it's now 2013) and suffers from its being a victim of its time period.

It's low hanging fruit to invoke Noam Chomsky moral equivalence arguments on the Iraqi war and pick them apart and then think you've made valid points about the nature of war against Iraqis.

A reasonable person can be against torture. The author doesn't seem to to think that can be a reasonable viewpoint. I'm not sure how that fits into his overall theme of the book of the unreasonableness of people with faith in scriptures as opposed to reason based on reality.

The second half of the book focused on moral relativism and why it's wrong. Once again, I would recommend another Robert Wright book, "The Moral Animal". The same topic is much better covered by Wright than here.

The narrator does a fantastic job. The writer is actually a good writer. He's weirdly fixated on Islam.

Overall, I was very disappointed in this book. He has so much to work with and could have told a much more compelling story. He let too many of his own prejudices sneak through and mars the overall narrative. I did read to the end. I skipped one chapter, a bunch of Koranic quotations. I don't listen to religious people when they start quoting their scripture to me in person and I'm not going to waste my time listening to a whole chapter of religious quotes unnecessarily.