Timeless Time Travel Tales

Timeless Time Travel Tales - Robert Silverberg, Michael Swanwick, Nancy Kress, John Barnes, Tom Dheere, Allan Kaster, Allen M. Steele, Genevieve Valentine, Brad Foster, Ian R. MacLeod Fun and highly listenable anthology stories on time travel and nicely narrated by different readers. I love speculation about time travel and such and hence enjoyed these multiple takes on time travel. I listened to these stories with my wife since they make for good entertainment and none of the stories were too long. The stories sometimes seemed to end abruptly and it would take my wife to explain to me what just happened since I usually read mostly non-fiction science type stories and need non-reality to be explained to me. Enjoy and be prepared to re-listen to the last 30 seconds of some stories or have your spouse explain them to you!

BTW, the stories seemed to have gotten progressively better as you listen, and I would recommend listening to the end since the last 3 or so stories were the best stories.