Sycamore Row

Sycamore Row - John Grisham This is a great book to listen to with a partner instead of watching TV. Good fiction illuminates good truths, and a good book by Grisham is more entertaining than TV.

Grisham, who probably turned me on to Audible books more than any other author, used to write the most spellbinding stories of all fiction writers that I listened to. His " The Testament" was one of my very first stories I listened to and after that I devoured all of his other stories (thank you John Grisham for turning me on to Audible!). I did lose interest with him after the "The Painted House", but he's regained his place in my listening pleasure after having returned to this genre for which I think he is a master at. For this story he cheats, in the sense that he makes the story based on previously used characters in a previous time period.

I would like to think that the country and Mississippi are no longer as depicted in this period piece, but in the end it doesn't matter since this story is much better than TV while listening to it with a partner. The story entertains but also illustrates some universals such as how all of us can relate to wrongs and can be united beyond our community group think when we think about how we atone for our past wrongs.