Philosophy 185 - Fall 2007: Heidegger

Philosophy 185 - Fall 2007: Heidegger - Hubert L. Dreyfus I started listening to this podcast of the class while simultaneously reading the book [b:Being and Time|92307|Being and Time|Martin Heidegger||1309352]. That was a mistake. I should have listened to this course first and than read the book. I'm almost done with the book and this lecture has made the book understandable. I'd even say, I realize now why popular science/philosophy books such as [b:Why Does the World Exist?: An Existential Detective Story|8854815|Why Does the World Exist? An Existential Detective Story|Jim Holt||13729936] which I liked at the time do not educate as much as good lecture and a good book like "Being and Time" do.

Regarding the course itself, one has the problems associated with taking a college course including a professor who loses focus, rambles, talks about something than changes his mind and so on, but what you do get with this course and Professor Dreyfus is a man who knows his subject completely and ultimately knows how to explain it such that you can understand it.

One example, I accidentally listened to the last lecture first since it was labeled "Introduction: Part 1". I didn't understand a word. But after I had listened to the lecture and read most of the book, I then re-listened to that lecture and realized how brilliant of the book the book really is. (BTW, when first reading the book, skip the 30 page introduction. You will not understand it and it will only frustrate).

This lecture only deals with the first division of the book (the part on 'space'). The other division, the part on 'time' (Temporality) is also available as a podcast.

The course is 48 hours long and took me longer because I would often re-listen to a lecture.

I found this podcast through the Open Culture site.