Aurora - Kim Stanley Robinson After having listened to this book, I probably should relax my mostly non-fiction only rule. I would say this was probably the best book I've listened to all year.

In the future when they decide to build a spaceship to travel across space to a faraway distant earth like planet for possible colonization, the planners should definitely read this book and have contingency plans which cover the situations that arise in this book. The author blew me away with what the real problems will be and opened my mind to possibilities I never thought about.

So, not only is the science, the artificial intelligence, the sociological implications, and a host of other situations spot on in this book, the science fiction narrative keeps the listener glued to the story (in addition it was a marvelous narrator). I listened intently during the science parts and my wife listened intently during the other parts, and both of us were completely satisfied and thought this was a superior story.

One thing about the story I would like to clue into the listener (like me) who struggles with following fiction, there is a theme the author presses, 'our ideas give us our meaning' and make us who we are, and what we believe in can be as important as our experiences.